Avem nevoie de un ”guru” în graphic design! Crezi că ești persoana potrivită?
Avem nevoie de un
”guru” în graphic design!
Scris pe 24 March, 2017
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VR – Entertainment or an opportunity to develop into the online environment?

VR(Virtual Reality) is a subject which is more and more discussed lately. This thing is due to the incredible technology advancement. Now is more possible to live your life online, and more and more activities tend to mechanization and better results with the aid of technology and the virtual space. We appeal to this VR technique only for fun or can we perceive it as a real opportunity?  

  VR-a real gold mine for gaming

   More and more apps start to focus on this VR technology. The virtual reality is verry appreciated in games case, because it brings the user very close to the real experience. The sensations that a FPS played into Virtual Reality mode offers you are incredible. This is a real experience, and the VR technology represents, in this case, a real opportunity for business. The investment in gaming, on the VR’s part, is impressing. Only a VR headset can reach up to 800-1000 euros and, furthermore, you need a computer on which you can run the apps into the Virtual Reality environment.

     However, more and more players on the gaming market start to use this technology and to improve the apps increasingly more. For example, there are rumors in Romania about launching a new PS4 which could be connected into the VR mode. The market is already divided. Sony is going to release the PS4 VR, and HTC wants to launch a VR module-Oculus Rift.

     There are already shops which provide VR headsets for PS4, but the gamers might receive new surprises. These will be available even in March 2017, and those who are interested in it will pay about 750 dollars for the headsets.

Virtual Reality takes over the cinema industry

The 3D movies had been the first step to a virtual reality regarding the cinema industry. This thing created real investments “waves” in technology on the market and all these facts have been materialized into new opportunities for this field.

But a 3D movie’s experience is a completely different one if the user has recourse to using a professional VR headset. This way, a virtual reality’s experience earns a place on this market too. It’s interesting to see that every market which advanced towards using this technology had only advantages. The users experience improved, the investors started to sense the potential, and the fundings came without effort, and the technology advanced in an incredible way.

Here are the Baboons ideas regarding the manner to develop the VR technique on the online environment!

The advantages are obvious regarding this area. How could it be extended into the online space and how could the entrepreneurs and the presentation site owners benefit from this technology?

We’re thinking about an extremely simple solution. What would it be like if your users enter your site and see a presentation film of your firm in VR format? Of course, the target group would be extremely restricted in this way, but it is up to you if you investment is a favorable one.

Let’s consider a gadgets producer or a gaming site. The Baboons think that the user would be very interested in testing a Virtual Reality experience on such site. Also, the interactivity and the time spent on the site would be indices which would get a clear upgrade.

Such section for testing or for presenting the department and the team (in real time) through VR could be launched on an  IT&Techno firm’s site, very easily, it may even be a premium section.


These are only a few ideas which can be used in the future. The online environment is extremely permisive on this line. All that the entrepreneurs have to do is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the technology. That being said, the Baboon position towards the VR phenomenon is a clear one.

We think this field increasingly grows and it represents a clear development opportunity for some online businesses. At the same time, it could be used for fun and for improving the users experience.

You can find more details about this field and trends in VR here.

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