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Scris pe 24 April, 2017
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SALESmanago: a practical solution for the administration of your online business


There are certain ways of approach the moment you start a business in the online environment, but one thing is for sure. After you’ve completed the first step, namely the presence on the virtual market, you need an administration formula for this business. The virtual environment is continuously changing so that maintenance is the keyword that follows every time after creating a website.

That website will have to be supervised and adapted to the new trends and will have to be improved every time you get the chance. The question is: how could you optimize this process?


These kinds of questions are necessary to maximize business efficiency and to increase your business’ productivity.

And we, the people behind Baboon, are here to offer you some answers to help you in this field.



What is SALESmanago?

We think that respecting the new media trends is more than just a trend, it represents a necessity so that the automation of the marketing techniques seems to be the best solution to really increase the efficiency and productivity of a business and for having real control over every component of your business.

Therefore, today we will introduce you a revolutionary platform based on the automatized marketing techniques. It’s about SALESmanago (you can find it here). This is a business streamline platform based on 5 large modules, through which you can manage and control your business up to the smallest detail.


SALESmanago sums up, as we were saying, 5 modules:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. CRM
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Mobile Marketing
  5. Social Media


All of these are designed under the form of an administration panel which you can use to work with maximum ease to raise a business from the ground.

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing part has concentrated in the submenu a total of 5 tools. These helps you automatize certain processes and raise the efficiency level of the applied Email Marketing strategies. So, by using the Email Marketing module provided by SALESmanago you can: send a personalized newsletter, views reports regarding the sent messages and their impact rate, create a newsletter in HTML or by using drag and drop and automatize the send and answer function of the emails the way you want.


The CRM module is the most important part of SALESmanago. This module is a real income source for your business, being objectified in a real database with contacts, a database which you can create, administer, monitor and modify according to certain variables that are absolutely essential for your business. With the help of this SALESmanago function, you can: add contacts in the database, cleave the database so that you target only the contacts you are interested in, view the score of any monitored contact according to his activity, make reports with the most active people in your list and segment the database according to various variables that you think fit the best to your business.

The key factor of this menu is the email addresses. Without these, the CRM module would be totally useless and the efficiency of the entire platform will dramatically decrease.

Digital Marketing

The third part is represented by the tools inside the Digital Marketing menu. Here you have a prime element you should really focus on, namely the pop-up elements of your website. Around these mini “conversion vacuums” spins the entire part responsible for Website Marketing. But beside the pop-up, you have here another tool for creating custom banners or landing pages, all through the drag and drop technique.

Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Marketing function allows you to send SMS’ and VMS’ to your contacts. It’s incredibly important to keep in touch in the closest way possible in the crucial moments of one’s life: birthday, Christmas, Easter etc. Through this function, you can do all these and you will have available a concrete database, so there’s no need for intervening.

Social Media

Social Media engages in the automation of the social media accounts’ activity. You will be able to synchronize here the social media accounts and undergo complete campaigns, reporting and able to download the report of the entire activity. You will be also able to make a professional plan for Google Adwords and Facebook Ads through this platform.

Everything is thought so you’d have complete control, and that is why, in the secondary options, you find the Process Automation menu. This function is the most important one you can use beside the 5 ways of communication. This is the menu where you can create sharing rules and marketing process automation rules. In other words, you will be able to create a predefined answer for a message, assume that the reply will be opened and answered to and you’ll create the next predefined reply based on the set objective. You will be able to define the answers your customers will receive for the most popular questions asked on the website. And you’ll also be able to define an answering moment to the newsletter, during work hours, if you want it or not.

Now, all you have to do is register on this platform for a 30 trial period, after which you can quit the SALESmanago services. And as a bonus to all these, for your complete contentment, SALESmanago provides you with the AD REMARKETING function, through which you can undergo remarketing campaigns targeted for people who have placed and order but did not complete it.

Isn’t that great? Now your business will have sales greater than ever and the effort will decrease as long as you familiarize with the platform and its terms of usage and safety.


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