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Scris pe 21 April, 2017
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Responsive website on tablet and mobile


Design importance on mobile platforms

The presence in the online environment is nowadays a very important element regarding the success of business. But this is not a defining thing. We have to take into account more influential factors the moment we choose to create our self a business card in the online environment.

For example, over 70% of the users access different websites from a mobile device, so that the first step being made in favor of your online visibility is to adapt your website for the mobile platforms.



This thing can be done through different ways. There are certain software modules that help to convert and to adapt the files for the mobile platforms’ standards, and in terms of graphics, you can choose to change the template with a mobile specific one.

Also, we can use a mobile detection module (as wp-mobile-detector).


Applications and methods of responsive conversion

For wordpress based websites, this thing is very easy to do as there are a lot of conversion modules that can assure the migration of a static website to an updated website that is also available on the mobile platforms.

Another clever solution would be the use of wiziapp to completely transform the website into an android app.

Also, another problem present on the market is that not only the mobile phone competes with the personal computer, but also the tablets. Because of convenience and accessibility, more and more people tend to leave their laptop at home and access the internet via a tablet.

Therefore, your website must be responsive and fit perfectly on this device as well. Wptouch is the software that assures your professional image on mobile as well as on tablet so you can introduce yourself to the online environment in the most professional way.


Also, there are certain ways you can use to create from the very beginning a website for all three platforms, PC, mobile and tablet. You can make such a website through the Webnode platform or you could choose a more professional way, by using a predefined template available for both mobile and tablet.

There are many ways and solutions for your presence in the online environment to be characterized by professionalism and elegance and for your success and efficiency of your business. You are the one to make the choice and our advice is to consult a professional before making your final choice.


We can do it for you!

That is why Baboon is here for you. We welcome you with the most effective ways for building a professional website, responsive for mobile and tablet, but we also provide you with the absolutely necessary advertisement services to make you visible and give notoriety to your business.

With a professionally designed website, according to the latest standards of the online environment and with a strong advertisement strategy, your business is surely on its way to success.

Pick Baboon, pick clever!


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