Avem nevoie de un ”guru” în PHP și Javascript! Crezi că ești persoana potrivită?
Avem nevoie de un
”guru” în PHP și Javascript!
Scris pe 25 April, 2017
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Online business with guaranteed sales from the first month!

When you want to be present online and develop a successful business in the virtual environment, you have to know that there is more than one way of doing it.

You can choose to present your products and services or to launch an online platform with this purpose, meaning to choose a presentation website as your online business card or you could choose to be closer to your customers and to interact with them through an online shop.

Today we will be talking about the second option, namely the online shop

E-Commerce evolution in Romania

If you make a detailed research of this field you’ll find out that 1997 was the bridgehead of the field, this year marking the first online shop on the Romanian market. Commerce was already gaining some considerable terrain, and the PC Net pioneers were going to develop a successful business following this one direction.

Thus, they bought the cybershop.ro domain and develop a truly beautiful platform that dealt with selling music CDs. This was the beginning of the Romanian E-Commerce.

After some failed attempts, those behind eMania.ro gave the online another big hit in the 2000s, on 14th of September. Shortly after, the IT market took the lead and launched magazinultau.ro, and soon after the first giant on the Romanian online market rose, Okazii.ro, that was the first auction platform in the country as well.

The entrepreneurs began to take into account the expansionist tendencies of the online market so that more and more online shops started to appear, and the world began to focus on online shopping, reaching sales of over half a billion euros annually in this field.

The advantages of an online shop

To such numbers, there are of course some advantages we can focus on the moment we want to open an online shop. You will find the 3 biggest advantages of an online shop in a few lines, hereunder:

  1. Since we’re talking about numbers, statistics say that the online market extends yearly by 33 to 35%. Here’s one enormous advantage that proves the online market is not yet depleted and that the possibility of a business in this field is very likely to be successful. Within such a growth, in only a few months you will be able to enjoy pleasing sales that will cover up your investment expenses.
  2. Since we’ve brought up the expenses, you should know that another advantage is the small investment expenses for opening an online shop. In an online shop you can gradually invest and you can use your profit for development so you won’t have a high intake in the investments for the first time stocks. You will invest in the platform and in the first advertisement campaign and the sales can arrive at your door from the first month, and after this, you’ll be able to use the money to reinvest for development.
  3. Online advertisement is another advantage. The online environment is the most visible way for you to start and get to be known. The Romanian online enjoys millions of visits every day so that it will be very easy for you to be close to your customers and obtain notoriety of your shop. At the moment, in the online environment, there’s one of the most efficient sales mechanism, that first extremely well with the online shops, namely Google Adwords.

Through this tool, you can run campaigns targeted on certain keywords that interest your audience and thus you can aim as keyword one of your products that is popular to the general audience. Therefore, your sales will be guaranteed and the advertisement will have maximum efficiency.

With such advantages and with a large opening on the market all that’s left for you to do is try and launch a business like this and become a successful entrepreneur in the online environment.

Baboon is waiting for you with professional web design services and with practical advice for managing such a store. We can create and manage it together and you will be the one to enjoy its success and all the benefits. Contact us and let’s write together the story of your success!


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