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Scris pe 23 April, 2017
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How do I maintain the safety of my website?


The safety of my website

We all know that, in the 21st century, information is power. Those who have access to relevant information and know how to use this usefully can be considered of higher superiority than those that are uninformed.

Also, information is the most valuable asset for many companies that list their products and services on the trade market. In the online environment, information makes the difference between a simple reader of your website and a potential customer of your business.

But not everybody accesses your website because they want to get informed and show interest in the products and services you provide. There are some people that consider security breaches a more attractive matter due to the difficulties they can give to a business in the online environment, opposed to the products and services they can access through that business.

Data safety

That is why data safety and security of information are a primary element you have to take into account when you launch your business in the online environment.

It’s pretty clear already that anything that is online is at everyone’s hand so that the control exercised over those things it’s smaller. Anything that exists and has been created, structured by one person can be deconstructed by another person. What we are trying to say is that cyber-attacks are permanent and security methods can especially counter these obvious attacks, but they can’t assure increased security when it comes to real hacking operations.


Enough theory, let’s move on to practical things!

How do I maintain the safety of my website?

This is a very common question for which we have found a few answers that will help you develop better safety measures for your website. Here follow the 5 most important factors that will assure an increased safety for your data and website’s information:



  1. A main aspect regarding security is the use of an automatic captcha system. Captcha is an automated way that shows us who is behind an operation made on our website, either be it human or machine. With the help of captcha we will be able to block the access of the automated software and thus increase data safety.
  2. Another very important aspect that gets sometimes out of control because of the commodity is setting the access passwords. Because we tend to use the same password for different situations, this is, most of the times, very simple and predictable. A password that combines lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special symbols will always be safer and help protecting your website.
  3. Hosting is another element we have to take into account when we refer to website safety. The mistake of uploading websites based on free hosting packages provided by online platforms can be fatal. A server must be capable to withstand a DDOS attack for our website to be safe (simultaneous connection of over 30 IP addresses on the same website – blocking the IP’s with a high risk of fraud).
  4. Another important thing for the websites made on certain platforms (WordPress, Joomla etc) is updating to the latest available version. This means that the website will run certain new scripts (R1Soft, latest Firewall modules, antivirus, antispam, BruteForce Protection etc) which hackers supposedly did not have enough time to analyze and test ways of breaking them. Thus the website can be kept safely.
  5. Still, if there’s the case of a professional hacker that has managed to get in and create security breaches, a very good option is represented by the fact that you have thought in advance and bought an SSL Certificate. This comes with extra options for securing a website (key encryption, private communication between the WEB server and client browser) and you also benefit from insurance in case of an attack.

All these options will help you keep your website safe and enjoy a successful online presence. For any other useful tips, but also for assistance in their professional implementation, Baboon is at your service!


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