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Cunoști limba germană?
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Scris pe 22 March, 2017
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The ideal logo. How should a logo look?


1. Simple

The logo is practically a company’s foreground and ,in order to be as catchy as possible, it should contain forms, relatively simple symbols. Firstly, a simple design will fit in several categories, like age categories, professional fields etc. It’s like we give up at filters like “Youngsters of 20-25 years old”. The Apple logo is, for example, a very simple, monochrome one, unpolished like an apple. This fits very easily into every age category and their needs.

2. Easy to remember

  Into this section, in order to achieve the maximum success, we go back to the age categories because a logo should be catchy not only for children, but to elders too.

  When I talk about memorability, I don’t think about a careful analysis of the logo for more than 5 minutes, because, this way it would be very catchy. No, I refer to the first visual contact.

   How do we find out if the logo is catchy?

   We’ll choose 2-3 friends to which we show the logo for 30 seconds and after 5 minutes we’ll ask them to draw the initial form. On the other hand, these tests can be very funny. A more serious test would be the previous method, but with different values, even days.

3. Timeless

  What do I mean exactly? A timeless logo means a logo which looks good at present and even after some decades. This aptitude can be achieved only by keeping the simplicity.

  For example, the Nike logo is a “timeless”(however, the designer only got 35 $ for the logo) which looked good 50 years ago and it’s in vogue even in 2017.

4. Compatible/Adaptable

 A complicated logo with a lot of thin elements and colors which may look good on a street banner, even on a website. But…how would they look on a telephone’s menu? (in  an app logo’s case).

  The compatibility could be reached again by keeping the simplicity and the flat-design.

 When we create a logo, we should keep in mind the infinite possibilities of places where they may appear like: caps, T-shirts, bussiness cards, flyers, presentation sites, social media, phone menu, mobile apps etc.

5. Representative for the respective area

  Details like a pair of laces won’t be suitable for a logo for a company which produces ventilators. Keeping and invocating the elements from the same area is the best way to surprise and make reference to the respective idea.

  If the logo for a keyboard company looks like one for cables it is not okay, it should make you think about the key word.

  We hope we had helped you understand better how should the ideal logo look and thank you for your time!

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