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Scris pe 21 March, 2017
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Interesting statistics about web design markets in Romania

Articles about web design are not something new on Baboons blog. We have been continuously writing about various subjects in this direction. But today we thought about turning things into interesting ones. So, we present a list with statistics about this environment and about the web design market in Romania.

  The web design market is described by Wall Street Journal as a genuine economic engine which is worth over seven million dollars at the moment. If we compare the beginning of the 2000’s, when the first IT&Development companies started timidly to offer on the Romanian market with these days, the increase is extraordinary.

According to The Financial Newspaper, in 2006, the WEB market in Romania had barely reached the modest sum of 1.5-2 million dollars. Also, at a company focused on this niche’s level, the total incomes were accomplished in proportion of 50-70% from services related to web design and development: online communication, hosting & administration, maintenance etc.

What are the factors which determine the increase in web design market in Romania?

The web design market is more and more dynamic today. More and more companies own their place in the market and start to activate into this niche. We think that this thing happens because of two main factors. One of these factors is the internet penetration in Romania.

According to the latest BRAT survey, over 8 million Romanian people have access to the Internet.

According to the survey, 70% of cities population and 44% of the one from the Romanian villages use the Internet. In the urban society, the daily consumption for the 14-64 age group has increased over seven times since 2002 until today, from 8% to 56%.

The second factor in developing on the IT/Web Design&Development market is represented by the increasing trend of technology. Our environment is strongly influenced by the mobile apps, the programs and by the entire interconnection process.

The Financial Newspaper showed what a radical increase suffered the penetration rate of smartphones in Romania last year.

In recent years, millions of Romanian people started using the mobile Internet’s services. If we look at some very simple statistics we can see that in 2012 the smartphones penetration rate-the basic equipment required for connecting to Internet, was of 25% and got to 63% last year.

What standards does this continuously growing market impose?

One of the biggest consulting and outsourcing companies in the world related the fact that the speed and the adaptability are the most common words which feature this environment. These two trends have gradually become standards of reporting in the online space. Every web design company should strictly respect these two features.

Do you wonder why? Here’s the answer!


Moreover, the speed is not optional anymore, only for the ones who desire performance. These days, it represents a crucial factor, and the inobservance of the visitors wish leads to penalizations. Look how they manifest!



Regarding the adaptability, this refers generally to the online platforms adaptability for the tablet and mobile phone. Every site should be responsive on the mobile phone and tablet. Most of the traffic (sometimes over 75% is accomplished on the phone).Here is one of the examples!



More statistics on this theme can be found here

The user’s experience-another crucial factor which determines the success on the web design market

Also, the UX and UI terms become more and more pronounced in the online space, and the web design market must regard absolutely all the factors imposed by the platform users wishes and experience.

According to Adobe, 38 % of users don’t interact for the second time with a site if they interpret their graphic layout as “unattractive”. Also, a lot of users use to verify the site’s ergonomy. For many users (51%) the contact section is the most important page on the site, and for 48% of users the services must be as close as they can be to these pages when they enter the site-according to KoMarketing.

Moreover, after they entered the HOME section, the second visited page is the services one (over 86% of users follow this echelon).

You’ll find more details here:

And for you to familiarize with the UX and UI terms, to see what they consist of and how to improve the position of these factors, you can read this article: UX and UI – differences and resemblances


The Romanian web design market continuously grows, and more and more Romanian cities start to become development polls in IT. This fact leads to big salaries in IT and countless job opportunities.

 The trends show that in the next year the web design market can reach up to 30% increases. This thing can only bring us joy. We will have more opportunities to be by your side.

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