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Scris pe 18 April, 2017
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How should my website look?


Well then, how should my website look?

This is a question that’s on everybody’s mind the moment they want to launch their business in the online environment or they simply want to introduce themselves to the web network. It is absolutely normal for this question to exist, given the growing competitive environment on the product and services market of any kind.

We, those from Baboon, are here to provide an answer to this question and to help you become popular in a pleasant way in the online environment.

In any field of activity you’d like to launch a business, there is competition and it is growing so that the way you differentiate yourself is extremely important if you want to succeed.

If you put yourself the question “how should my website look?” you should know that your website is your business card in the online environment. This must have a certain look in order to attract readers and convert these in as many customers as possible.


We have prepared a short list of things you could do so that your website has a professional look and attract as many readers as possible.

  1. The “little and good” principle applies wonderfully when it comes to the graphic template of your website. 

The moment you want to build yourself a website a good choice would be a simple graphic template, without too many elements or special effects, but one that has an impact. Complicating the website with too many elements or effects leads to a slower loading of it. Also, it will look like a rainbow and it will disconcert the reader, rather than making him focus on the searched item.

  1. The rule of the colorful contrast is the best to keep in mind.

This should be the starting point of your every single move when you want to launch a website. We know that you want to be as expressive as possible, differentiate yourselves from the rest and impress the reader, but this does not imply you should use all the colors you learned in school.

Simplicity is the golden rule in design! When you are building a website you can present gracefully and interesting for your reader any product or service and the simpler the colors of your website, the more the key elements will stand out, like the newsletter signup button, the online order buttons or the most important pages.

It is recommended that the website is based on a five-color template. You can pick related colors or two different shades for the graphic elements, then combine another shade for the website’s banners, after which you apply a visible contrast to the text. The text’s color will always have to be different from the base template color, so it has a positive effect and to attract. And for the last shade, you will pick it in contrast with the text, but it shouldn’t resemble the template and this will be used for the key elements mentioned above.

  1. Airy pages are the new trend.

Be it the space between paragraphs or the space between the graphic elements on the website, simplicity is key. An airy website, a website that is professionally positioned and respects the rules of graphic decency will always have something positive to gain when presented to the readers.

Did you know that the readers have a certain way of looking on a web page? It is scientifically proven that they follow the page from top to bottom and from left to right, with little variations.

They can look on your page unconsciously moving their eyes as an M, Z or X. Taking this into consideration, you can place in hot spots the elements of maximum importance the reader should see and also leave the site airy so the reader won’t be faced with an avalanche of information. He will take out of context what attracts and helps him, then follows his final decision regarding the product or service you are offering.

  1. Content is King! 

Regardless of the niche you are active on, the content of your website is the most important thing for you to start from. This has to be worded in a professional manner and has to focus on utility and the persuasion of the reader.

Readability is a key element here. Also, you have to beware the grammar and spelling errors. These disturb as much as the loading errors or dead pages. One little mistake might frustrate your reader and make him leave your website.

The text itself must be compatible with the website’s design. Also, reported to the text we have to take into account the SEO optimization of this part. The text must be SEO friendly for an easier indexing, a much professional website and for an attractive look. This includes connections. Be it internal or external links they must be placed carefully so the website look is clean and avoid loading errors and dead links, thus leading to inexistent pages.

  1. Navigation is the key to success

It is said that a reader must be five clicks away from the final purpose he has set in mind when entering your website. You must be sure that surfing on your website is easy and that it takes the reader to his final step, in his favor and usefulness and also in your favor, by selling your product or service.

So, if you’re wondering how your website should look, these are some common sense rules for it to look professional. We are at your disposal to give you more details and help you build a professional website.


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