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Scris pe 20 March, 2017
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Five colors you should avoid into your site’s content

When you realize you need a professional site for your business, the next step is simple: you look for a web design firm to look after your site. This decision comes with a lot of things you hadn’t thought about and which will bring troubles. For example: what colors should your site contain?

Today we discuss about five colors which are recommended to be avoided when you build your own site

When we talk about a site’s graphic we refer not only to the specific colors of that site, but to their layout mode and the coloristic combinations which we use when we color the online platform.

Sometimes, a colors may look very good, but, combined with something awful, can ruin the entire image of the site.

So, for a proper legible, beautiful, attractive and adapted to the public’s needs result, try to use certain colors combinations and certain shades which match.

Don’t ever use a dark black background!

Even if you use a white text above, to contrast with the background, a black site darkens. This is available when you use a graphic scheme with more colors, but on a black background too. In a lot of visitor’s opinion, this site will be very strident and will create a shock sensation when they access the site.

If you still want to use black, as an elegant colors, as a premium one, use a gradient as light as possible to dilute it.

If you want colors, neither the colorsed alternative won’t bring you advantages, though

NEON type of colors don’tbelong to your website!

We know you want to draw the visitors’s attention, but, at the same time, we know you don’t want to be known as “banal”. The bling-blings are not actual anymore. An unsuccessful attempt to integrate neon colors on the site, a contrastant combination between shiny colors may create the impression of kitsch.

It is proved the fact that these colors tire the reader’s eyes, and those people can’t focus on the message, because they will be annoyed by the colors scheme. You can find interesting pieces of information about the influence that the colors have over branding here

Be careful with the LIGHT colors used in combination with a pale background!

If you tend to follow the opposite direction than the NEON fans, take care this time too. A LIGHT option of the site ,a light colors, which gives the impression of serenity, could be invisible. This is due to the unsuccessful combination between the background and the elements described in that section.

Also, the messages written with such colors on light backgrounds are easily unseen. They are often invisible for the users. It depends on the angle they look and on the luminosity.

This situation is often found towards the site’s slides. An image is placed on the background, and the text is white, it expands on a very bright portion. The text will be misunderstood.

Don’t use RAINBOW combinations -too many colors in the same textual unit!

If you have a slider with five phrases or five expressive words, which represent categories which must be highlighted, don’t use five different colors. Try two complementary coloristic ranges and create combinations of colors among the words (maximum three colors).

You can choose to color word 1 /phrase 1 and word 3/phrase 3 with the same colors. Then you can intersect them with a different colors for word 2/phrase 2 and word 4/phrase 4. And word 5/phrase 5 (the call to action or the main idea) to be with a basic colors or something bright(bright shades of orange).

Choose according to what represent you and which colors fit your business!

No matter how good it looks into the graphic scheme of the theme, don’t use a colors which doesn’t represent the brand!

In order to defy the proper colors and to know what is recommended for your brand and what you shouldn’t choose you can read this article.You’ll find incredibly important pieces of information about the colors’s psychology in branding.

So, to build a successful website, it is not enough only to contact a professional web design firm. This is the first step. From here there starts an entire series of decisions which will push your brand to success or to failure.

However, contacting a firm is the first step. If you want to see how the Baboons work, you can contact us here.

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