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1. Context

About the client

Verovita brings the savour of nature to your plate. And not from anywhere, but from the rich Transylvanian forests. Fresh edible mushrooms or aromatic berries, everything collected and sold by qualified personnel, with particular care for nature.

Through their project, they wanted to bring some magic and passion into gastronomy, inspiring people to approach nature and learn to enjoy each flavor.

2. Action

What we did?

For such a project we started from creating a custom logo and design project for the site, and the final result was a presentation website with a web shop included. We let ourselves guided by the natural elements defining this project, and we drew every detail with the same passion with which the founders of Verovita have been revealing the secrets of nature for over 15 years.

We have chosen neutral and earthy tones, emphasizing every time the reasons behind this project. The purpose of the site was not only to represent everything that this business meant (started as a family business), but to inspire people to come closer to nature with confidence and gratitude.

And when a project is based on partnership trust and effective communication, the end result can only be a well-consolidated project that brings out the potential of this business.

3. Rezult

The effects


Website traffic


Cart value increase


Returning customers

Increased market visibility has also brought along increased distribution, both for commercial purposes and for personal use.

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