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1. Context

About the client

TOFF DOMINIUM is a unique concept that invests in real estate at high quality standards, which it uses modernly and elegantly, so as to offer the comfort, confidence and tranquility that make a house a place you can call "home".

They operate in the segment of rentals and sales of luxury and medium-high level apartments, trading turnkey real estate. Buy only apartments from the residential range, directly from the developers, and arrange them in a modern style with the help of designers, emphasizing the space and functionality of the apartments.

TOFF DOMINIUM is a company that invests smartly for customer comfort.

2. Action

What we did?

Their online presence, as close as possible to the target audience, was our main objective when we created the www.toffdominium.ro platform. We wanted this website to be a premium ad website, where people can find luxury properties to buy or rent.

We focused on the user experience and we wanted this website to be as easy to use as possible. We tried to focus as much as possible on the needs of users and to provide quality information to both those who want to buy and those who want to rent.

We managed to get a very simple ad website where users can easily find what they want.

3. Result

The effects


Sold apartments


Rented apartments


Website traffic vs prev. year

Rebuilding this website together with the maintenance and marketing plan brought unexpected results.

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