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Avem nevoie de un
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Restaurant Tinecz


1. Context

About the client

With a history of over 25 years in the culinary arts, Restaurant Tinecz continues to offer a unique gastronomic journey to customers who cross its threshold in Timișoara.

Attracted by the specificity of authentic Romanian cuisine but loyalized by the diversity of dishes and desserts, the elegant location, and services always oriented towards quality, this restaurant's customers now also enjoy a complete online experience when ordering or making online reservations.

2. Action

What did we do?

If Restaurant Tinecz's reputation had earned a place of honor on Timișoara's map, we had the opportunity to bring it up in the online environment as well. How? Through a high-performance website with a dual role, both as an online store and as a presentation of services, location, and dishes on the menu.

Being a project that also included rebranding, the main challenge was the design of the new website, which should attract simultaneously through modern and minimalist lines, but highlight the history of this traditional restaurant in Timișoara, with its values and the journey of over 25 years.

The main objective was to facilitate users' experience when placing an order, from organizing product categories, integrating all specifications without cluttering the presentation page, and simplifying the purchasing path. An accomplished objective that also led to an increase in online orders.

3. Result








A complex website, focusing on the user experience, enjoying the increase in online orders. Furthermore, collaboration has extended in the direction of premium maintenance and online promotion services.

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