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Roma's Stories

1. Context

About the client

Roma's Stories is a unique hybrid project that blends digital technology with artistic content production, aimed at promoting and celebrating the Roma community and its rich cultural heritage. By highlighting the stories, traditions, and contributions of the Roma people, this project seeks to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of their history and culture.

2. Action

What did we do?

We crafted a comprehensive one-page website that effectively showcases the essence of Roma's Stories. Using a combination of modern web design and engaging content, the site was designed to provide visitors with a seamless and informative experience.

3. Results



Enhanced Awareness of Roma Culture


Engagement with Roma Community Stories


Strengthened Financial and Cultural Support

The Roma's Stories website has significantly increased awareness and engagement with the Roma community's rich cultural heritage. The one-page design ensures that visitors can easily navigate through the diverse content, gaining insights into the Roma people's history and contributions. The project, supported by EEA Grants, also highlights the importance of cultural cooperation and economic development, ensuring a lasting impact on both the Roma community and broader European society. Our continued collaboration aims to keep the website dynamic and up-to-date, reflecting ongoing efforts to celebrate and preserve Roma culture.

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