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1. Context

About the client

Premium Ceramics is a company whose main objective is home design and interior design services. Over 30 years of experience in the field of construction and over 10 years in the field of interior design, makes the PREMIUM CERAMICS team what customers want when they want to transform their home.

They are based on the needs of each client and try to get as close as possible to their dream of having the most beautiful home. That is why they provide customers with complete packages of services and products characterized by finesse, quality and innovation.

In addition to the portfolio of services, Premium Ceramics provides customers with products to help them arrange their dream home. The range of products is very diverse and they come to the aid of customers including consulting services.

2. Action

What we did?

We tried to highlight through the website www.premiumceramics.ro as well as possible all their interior design projects. Thus, the main goal was to highlight as well as possible their work and how they managed to transform the houses they worked on.

A real challenge for us was trying to combine the service section with the online store section, so that potential customers can truly understand the whole concept. The dynamic elements, the strong colors and the professional photos helped us to turn this website into an attractive one for the users.

We reproduced the complexity of the services and through the useful information we tried to explain as clearly as possible to the users how Premium Ceramics can help them in arranging their home.

3. Result

The effects


More conversions


More new contracts


Traffic vs prev. year

Rebuilding this website together with the maintenance and marketing plan brought unexpected results.

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