Avem nevoie de un ”guru” în graphic design! Crezi că ești persoana potrivită?
Avem nevoie de un
”guru” în graphic design!

Maria Beatrice


1. Context

About the client

One of the most difficult missions to take on is in the field of health. Especially when it comes to children. But the people behind the Maria Beatrice project have managed to bring hope to many families with their mission. Their promise is simple: creating a "Different kind of hospital, where the patient is the entire Family."

For this promise, they have managed to bring together thousands of people and resources, hope, humanity, and dignity for each affected family, and ultimately turn a family-initiated mission into a common mission for the people of an entire country.

This common mission needed a website to tell their story and to track their future projects.

2. Action

What did we do?

We joined the mission of the Maria Beatrice Association, trying to bring to light all the important aspects that should be known online.

The biggest challenge was to create a presentation site that would encompass, on the one hand, all information about the association, its purpose, and implications, the services offered, and the success stories of the young patients, and on the other hand, attracting sponsors and new resources for the completion of the Different Hospital.

Here we intervened. We proposed a new structure for the presentation website, which we assembled in a friendly and easy-to-follow design, with the main role of always keeping important information in the foreground.

3. Result



Partners attracted to the project


Donations attracted


Traffic vs previous year

At present, the great advantage of the presentation website www.mariabeatrice.ro is that it helps redirect users to the sections of interest, providing better online visibility for all the efforts made by the people behind the project, and our collaboration with the Maria Beatrice Association continues on the online promotion side as well.

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