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1. Context

About the client

Sweets never come alone. We strongly believe in that.
And these sweets come along with Ioana Crișan and her perfect dedication to macarons.

Ioana is one of the people who have turned their great passion into a successful business. And she is taking her example further, inspiring dozens of people, with every course she gives. Her story is a story about perseverance, exigency and many course hours and experiments. Today, she does not merely teach those passionate about sweets to make the famous French cookies, but also not to give up on what actually brings them joy.

2. Action

What we did?

To Ioana’s tempting recipes we added pastel shades, diaphanous details and a drop of our passion – web design. A presentation site with an integrated shop, ready to meet the needs of the users.

We wanted to include exactly what Ioana inspired us from the first meeting: organization, delicate and balanced chromatic directions, authenticity, but also a drop of magic, hidden in the sweets she makes with so much love.

At the end we sprinkled the site with a quiz for macaron lovers, as well as with a section of recipes and online booking. All to top up the online user experience.

3. Results

The effects


Sales increase


Website traffic


Returning users

The macaron enthusiasts enjoy easy access to professional courses, so that Ioana can be surrounded by people as passionate as she is, and we, our sweetest project and an impeccable collaboration model.

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