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1. Context

About the client

The HAPPY TAILS story is about animals and about giving them a beautiful life. They started this business in order to be able to offer their pet owners quality products in which they can have confidence.

Through this concept they tried to offer solutions for families who do not have much time to look in food stores or toys for quadrupeds. They want to give their pets the exercise, stimulation and happiness they deserve.

The love for animals made this young team develop more and more a much needed product for animals.

2. Action

What we did?

We created an online store www.happytails.ro in which pet owners choose their favorite products by answering a set of questions, and then the HAPPY TAILS team prepares a personalized basket for them.
It is not a simple online store because first of all it is based on information that best defines the needs of customers.

Everything is personalized and brings a unique and playful elements at the same time. We tried to make a friendly platform that meets the needs of customers at the same time.

We played with elements from the animal sphere and brought the HAPPY TAILS story closer to their target audience. Certainly everyone who enters this website will have an instant smile on their face.

3. Result

The effects


Monthly subscriptions




Website traffic

By implementing the monthly subscription for their clients, they have ensured a healthy and stable business development.

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