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1. Context

About the client

The Gustav Living brand is based on the concept of making premium, durable, flawless pieces of furniture - chairs, armchairs, boxspring beds, sofas, orthopedic mattresses that offer perfect comfort, help both body and mind to relax and transpose the user in an oasis of continuous and unwavering relaxation.

Gustav Living thus manages to create unique products for individuals, legal entities, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, mansions, penthouses, yachts. The products are exclusively planned and made by the Gustav Living team.

The development of the Gustav Living brand took place on multiple levels so that the production technologies combine the particularity of manual work with the technique and the perfect accuracy of industrial equipment, German, English and Swiss technologies.

2. Action

What we did?

We created a design concept from scratch based on the values of this premium brand. We tried to reproduce the idea of quality, so that the user understands that it is not about a certain type of products, but products in which a lot of time and quality is invested.
We have created an airy design that will give you visual satisfaction, but also useful information for a future purchase.

The user's interaction with the site is very pleasant, cursive, and the process of buying or adding a product to the cart is very simple. We relied heavily on consumer intelligence and created an effective purchasing concept.

The idea of modern, high quality and good taste can be seen right from the first time you interact with this website and it is very simple for the user to make a first impression from the first page of the website.

3. Result

The effects


B2B sales


Website traffic


Returning customers

A challenging collaboration, which generated results to measure.

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