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1. Context

About the client

DAVID AND THEA is the concept that was born from the desire to provide mothers and children with everything they need for a harmonious development and beautiful growth. This brand, which has developed a lot in recent years, has brought to the Romanian market products of great need for children.

Their main focus was to bring products from various categories online to meet the needs of all categories of audiences. Moreover, they place great emphasis on the quality of products and their usefulness.

It is a unique brand that meets customer requirements and reinvents and adapts every day.

2. Action

What we did?

We transposed online through the online store www.davidandthea.com all the values of this brand and we created an accessible platform for mothers so that they can easily find all the products they need for themselves and their children.

Being a brand with a great diversity of products, the main challenge was to be able to categorize them as well as possible, so that the user experience is unique. We relied on the fact that the main user does not have much time available and we created a very efficient concept.

In such a collaboration, the client's contribution is essential, which is why the help received from those who own this business was essential for us to be able to complete this project.

3. Result

The effects


Sales vs prev year


Website traffic


Returning customers

This client has been collaborating with us for years and recommends us every time he has the opportunity.

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