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1. Context

About the client

Care for the little ones starts with the right choices that parents make, from the very first few moments of their lives. Brands like Bunny Boo are the ones that cover every need of families with small children, offering products of diversification and care, educational toys and even interior design services dedicated to the nursery room.

The confidence offered by Bunny Boo is a safety net for parents, confirming that they made the right choice for their child. Right from the beginning, they brought together some of the world's most adored brands of children's products and made them accessible to parents in Romania. Inspired by the care that every child can grow up surrounded by objects that help him/her develop harmoniously.

2. Action

What we did?

An online store where parents can easily get to the desired products, because we know how precious every moment is. In our long collaboration, we have redefined the image of the site, along with the transformations through which the brand has grown. Thus, the last directions we pursued came from the area of minimalist and color-neutral design – aspects that define the Northern esthetics. The point of inspiration was revealing for both parties: for Bunny Boo, because it is easily included in the list of brands popular with parents, bringing a new breath into the Romanian market, for us, because we manage to stay connected to the latest trends in the web design domain.

With a custom-designed homepage, we tried to materialize the concept of minimalist game, of premium products for small ones, but also of Northern-inspired interior decorations. In a word, the global vision that Bunny Boo promotes.

The site easily scores points in both the appearance and easy navigation, thanks to the advanced features implemented throughout our collaboration.

3. Results

The effects


Website traffic


Increase of average cart


Returning customers

A collaboration with many challenges and a dynamic course, the purpose of which has had a relevant impact on the Romanian child product industry.

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