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1. Context

About the client

BILKA USA is a company that offers roofing products with a lot of products in their portfolio to help people build covering systems that are the most durable over time.

Their aim is to offer services and products of the highest quality, and more than that, to offer products that meet market standards.

They also aim to change the market mindset of metal roofs and to inform and educate buyers about this.

2. Action

What we did?

We have developed a website that was primarily aimed to structure the information on BILKA products the best way possible. We also focused very much on the visual side so that the user can really understand what kind of products are marketed and what they actually look like.

We wanted to highlight as much as possible the portfolio section because it is very important for people to actually see works in this field that can serve as an example to them.

We have also structured the product types as clearly as possible, so that the user can make a quick and efficient purchase decision.

3. Results

The effects


Sales increase


Website traffic


Returning customers

Users now understand much better what metal roof means

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