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1. Context

About the client

When you say BIANCO MILANO, you mean flavors, tastes and colors. BIANCO MILANO was born from the desire to offer a good quality gelato and the most delicious desserts in a friendly and warm setting.

The inspiration for this business came from people, from those who know how to enjoy a good, authentic taste.

In all the locations they have in Romania, they try to offer quality products, for all tastes and every new day represents a new opportunity to develop and bring something new for customers.

2. Action

What we did?

Through the website www.biancomilano.ro we tried to render through color and dynamism everything that BIANCO MILANO means. We know that it is impossible to reproduce the taste, but we tried through an attractive graphic to reproduce the uniqueness and authenticity of this place.

We combined the colorful photos with the playful graphics so we could try to convey the energy of this place to people. The main purpose was to provide them with information about this concept before they reached their physical location.

The special design elements are the main point from which we started and with the help of which we managed to give life to this website.

3. Result

The effects


B2B sales


Website traffic


Returning users

Last but not least, as we worked on the site we fell in love with their products :)

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