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1. Context

About the client

Avangarde Kids is a kindergarten in Bucharest offering the best educational services for children and a lot of activities to help them develop as fine and harmoniously as possible.

Their main aim is to integrate children as well as possible, to enable them to interact in a most productive and beneficial way for them, and to make the time spent at the kindergarten as beautiful as possible.

This kindergarten wants every child to acquire the skills and knowledge that will take them towards performance and achieving the desired results.

Their staff are very well trained and all activities are centered around the harmonious development of children within a social framework.

2. Action

What we did?

With the website we have tried to highlight the wide range of activities children can enjoy at the Avangarde Kids kindergarten in Bucharest, and to offer the parents as much useful and easy-to-find information as possible about the educational offer.

We used a lot of colors, interactive elements that are closely related to their field of activity and when parents access the website we would like them to feel part of the world where their child will spend a few hours a day.

Our focus was on the home page and the main slider, where we created dynamic graphics, which are also the main point of attraction of the website.

3. Results

The effects


Registration applications


Returnin customers


Traffic vs previous year

For us it was a real pleasure to work on such a project, to make it as user friendly as possible and to enter the colorful world of children. The users, whom this site was created for, are the parents and the site helps them make a decision about their children's education.

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