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Scris pe 7 April, 2017
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Copywriting: a new way of advertising

Copywriting: a different way of advertising!

As we were saying in our first article, Introduction to Content Writing, when we write an article we can use it to influence the reader, inform and give him correctly and reality-based data or  we could choose (how, unfortunately, many do) to misinform him and write about things that are not true at all. If we want to write an article by the book, structured accordingly and respecting everything that Content Writing means, it would be wise to follow the 10 rules specified in the second article of this series: Part 2: the TEN Rules.

This article treats a very interesting subject that gains more and more land as days pass and also grows nowadays in the business world. It is an effective way of promotion based on creative writing, a special way of wording and a very important area of development in advertising. All of these are found within COPYWRITING.  


Copywriting is a writing style used by advertising experts to persuade the consumers and to get the audience acting in a certain way, indicated by the message.

In other words, copywriting is a way of creative writing that has as a purpose the making of a conversion, based on the initial message. Briefly, copywriting is the writing style that sells.


The extent of Copywriting

This term began growing once advertising first appeared and lately, each and every company turns to different ways of advertising, to release products, to seize the target audience and to sell their products and services. Therefore, copywriting experts become increasingly popular because they are the ones that can create, from a simple and ordinary description of a product, a real story and a dream that is on every consumer’s mind. They can sell dreams through words.

Copywriting is the way of writing based on CREATIVITY and PERSUASION.

This style of writing is gained as a result of experience and years of hard work, specialized studies and of a revolution of creativity mixed with spontaneity and flashes of poetic frenzy.

By itself, for a copywriter is not enough to just write. You must write short and to the point, but with those few words contained in your slogan or advertisement you have to persuade tens of thousands people who will hear and read it.

Unlike content writing, where the size and amount of information can be quite high, copywriting allows only extremely short ads and promotional texts, which can be limited to a tiny amount of characters or even a few words, depending on the channel your message is placed on.


The messages a copywriter writes come down to titles, slogans, ads for print or social media, product descriptions, reviews, and articles.

Also, a copywriter thinks through the entire creative process of a campaign and makes up the commercial texts part and the rest of the campaign materials. His tasks will also expand, quite a lot, to the graphic/ design part.


To be a good copywriter you must take into account some principles and generally valid rules, no matter the field of activity of the advertised company. When you’re writing a copywriting text you must take into consideration the following:

Focus only on one idea!

There are many ideas in a structured text, but a copywriter must choose the one that’s most relevant and which can be the base for his entire argumentative process, the entire stage of persuading the public. From all your ideas you’ll have to choose the main one and base your entire text on it. Don’t forget that sometimes the idea represents the text itself, the final variant having to be very short.

Write short!

We all know how hard it is to sum an entire page of products and services within only one ten-word message and also to see an entire organization and the system it’s based on and express it in a 35 – 75 characters slogan (spaces and punctuation included), but for a real copywriter this will be the real pleasure of every single challenge.

Talk so everyone can understand you!

Sometimes everybody’s language is the best option. Use popular expressions, well-known which everybody can understand. This will set you on a higher position because everyone will understand what you’re trying to say. Your content will get viral easily. Keep in mind that this has to be seen, read, heard and understood by the large public. Through this, you have to persuade people of various social classes, with various studies and maybe with various incomes, to accede to the same truth, the one you present.

Use numbers and prove as brief as you can through the message!

Use numbers and statistics to prove something you are presenting. Credibility is a key factor in this approach of a message.

The story is everything!

Amaze the public through beautiful stories and by introducing every customer in a special, out of the ordinary world. After all, you are a dream builder. Then build! It’s everything you have to know and do! Let your imagination and ideas break free and build, create, tell a story!

Present the service/ product as a solution to a problem the customers face!

Writing nice is not enough to sell through words. These must come into the consumer’s mind like a saving solution for the problem he is facing. Present the product or the service as being the only choice the client can make in his favor.

Give examples!

Use analogies to promote your product, but use them wisely! Call upon your product every positive example you can offer. Endorsement is a key element to copywriting. Certifications and recommendations always sell.

Anticipate any possible objections and repel them before they even appear!

Capture the reader using keywords

It’s very easy to choose the right words you are going to use when you know what your message should express. Group these in relevant keywords for your target audience. Only this way will help you attract customers that are really interested in the product in your message’s coverage area.

Call to Action = King of Copywriting!

Finally, don’t forget to guide your customer. Tell him what to do, how he should act, send him on the way to success! Be careful, though, that these HOOKS are not overused or irrelevant to what you’re advertising! A “Click here!” or “Buy now!” call to action might actually scare the customer.

Theoretically speaking, these rules represent a very useful frame and the applicability of these steps can be adapted depending on every copywriter and subject. However, these rules are not everything you need to have success in this field. Research is also important while working in this field. You can’t write a text that is so short and anchored to reality, while also being creative and persuading the public without a bit of research on the company’s field of activity, market’s trends, advertisement techniques etc.

Also, the campaign’s strategy elements are very important. You can’t be creative without any limits because you have to place the message on a certain channel, a thing that costs and is strategically thought. Not every channel supports your writing style and not every channel supports any way of presentation. All these issues arise from the campaign strategy, that the copywriter does not handle, but which he should know.

What do you say? Would you be able to include all these in a mere slogan or in a few sentences worth of a message?

This is what a good copywriter does daily and here is where an expert finds the pleasures and challenges of his craft! 


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