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Scris pe 6 April, 2017
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Content Writing versus Copywriting: Part Two


The ten rules you should take into account when writing an article

As mentioned in the previous article, Introduction to Content Writing, there are certain RULES a content writer must obey and use as a reference point when writing an article or a presentation text for a website or any other entity, with the desire for it to fit in the content writing area.

1. Research is the starting point, under any circumstance!

Before starting to write your article you have to do some research about the target field, the product or service you have to present, the competition, market’s trends and the socio-cultural effects of the niche you will be working on and the last but not the least, your target audience.

The moment you find your core idea, it’s time to research the way of approach, keywords, the wording and it would be perfect to conceive the text starting from the SEO rules, to ensure a fast indexing and a higher position on the search engines.

You should structure your text starting from your main idea moving to increasingly more specific sections and subsections, then word the description of every subsection and start wording the text’s main body.

Work systematically and the success of that article will be ensured!

2. Take into account the limitations of the niche your writing element is part of, but edit the text in your OWN STYLE!



Do not copy anyone, inspire yourself! Find the content writers you love and whom style you’re familiar with, read their work, find things in common and matters that suit you, select their illustrative works and read them, then try to see what you could change about them. Ultimately, you will be rewriting the same material in your own style, seeing everything through your own eyes! That’s how you’ll succeed in creating your own style!

Analiza campanie promovare online prin Google Adwords

3. Do not divert from the central subject!

The article can be structured in more than one idea, sections, and subsections, but the main idea/ subject will always stand out, by any means. Focus on it!

4. Relevance, size and the level of detail must converge into a whole!

Don’t write articles of thousands of words without actually saying anything and don’t try to fit in one hundred words a highly detailed technical process. Try to understand the way your final writing should look like and try to harmonize the relevance of information with size and the provided details.

5. Spend as much time as it takes to write your title. You’ll see how much it matters!

There’s always that one moment when you feel like your article, despite the fact is has a considerable size, didn’t express all the things you wanted to say. Then how could you sum everything in only five to ten title words? This aspect is very important. Always write your text/ article considering the title!

6. The first sentence and the LEAD paragraph keep or banish the reader from your site!

Be sure that these sentences say everything you have to say in a way that is as attractive as is convincing. Be relevant! Never forget this!

No lies! No exaggerated sentences! Nothing but the truth!

We are talking here about content writing and I think you got it so far that this is the most relevant and most honest way of introducing yourself to the large audience so you’ll have to keep it this way!


8. The end is as important as the beginning!

Take care and remember the reader why he is here, on your web page and the reason for reading this amount of words. Everything has a meaning and a purpose. It would be the right time for you to say it aloud so that the reader remembers it. The end of a speech is the real memorable element!

9. Edit, edit and when you sick of editing, edit one more time!

Skilled people, experts state that the first idea is the idea everybody has. Give up on it! Find another one and transform the text into something unique, then edit it and make it perfect. After it has reached perfection edit it one more time and make sure that is exactly what you wanted to do!

10. New Media is THE trend!

The content was never about plain text! Pictures, video and multimedia materials are all elements that experts agree upon. Use them wisely in your article to create a perfect image that reflects the elements you are writing about!

Advantages of Content Writing

Approaching this writing style brings itself certain advantages:

  • Content Writing got to the point of being one of the most efficient ways of promotion;
  • Articles that have a well-defined target represent a much more solid and easy to index base;
  • Relevance means stateliness for Google, and the articles will be easier to find;
  • Originality and uniqueness are sold way easier and ensure long-term promotion.

Lately, more and more websites promote themselves this way, by writing relevant texts and posting them on the page, thus content writing is increasingly becoming more used as a promotion method. Thus, the influence of the other style roses, copywriting, style that is based more on reader’s persuasion with a certain purpose the most common is making conversions, selling the promoted product or service.

We’ll talk more about this in our next article.


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