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Scris pe 19 April, 2017
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How do I climb up Google positions?


Have you ever what you can do to climb up on Google? The visibility of a business in the online environment can be, many times, the differentiator regarding the success or the failure of that business. More and more people prefer the online environment because of its commodity and increased stability, such that, if you have a business and you are not present in the online environment, the chances of success drop dramatically, because you are not taking into account a vast majority of people from the target audience, you may even skip new segments of it.

Because the online environment has developed incredibly lately and the majority starting to become increasingly active on the different communication channels of this environment, new advertisement methods for this environment started to appear. Now it is very easy to be present in the online environment and position your business only a few clicks away from your customers, impatient to access your services or buy your products.


How do I climb up the Google positions?


The first step to online success is building a professional website. Some useful advice on how a website should look can be found here. This website must be adapted to your business and has to be built according to your most favorable aspects. It can take the form of a presentation website, an online shop, a blog or a forum or it can be built and customized according to your needs.

If you’ve already built your website, it doesn’t mean that the job is done and you can go on a vacation. To attract as many people as possible and effectively sell online you have to respect a timetable that will ensure, in time, a thriving and fully developed business.

Now that you have created your website, your interest should switch to the advertisement and ways of increasing your website’s visibility. Since you’ve made yourself a beautiful picture for the online environment, it would be a shame if people interested in you don’t know. You have to do your best and reach out to as many people as possible and convert as many of them to your customers.

For climbing up the Google positions there are available SEO optimization and online advertisement campaigns.


SEO optimization

The SEO optimization refers to certain techniques applied in order to optimize your website and to help the search engines index it and display it on a higher as possible position on the search pages, according to the relevance of the information that is presented to the public.

When you talk about relevance it is clear that the leading focus is the content. Therefore, the famous “Content is King!” phrase is plausible and applicable in any SEO optimization process. Creating professional content that presents useful information and of interest lightly, content structured on paragraphs that focus on the main ideas and can be limited to keywords – all of these can assure a top position in Google directories and can bring visibility to the website. Also, links are a very important aspect regarding the SEO program. A healthy link-building made organically and through professional social sharing can bring an optimization campaign’s success and can position the website on the top.

But there is also the SEO part that refers to the website’s loading speed, ensuring the security and cleaning it of malicious scripts. These steps are also very important because they can improve the reader’s experience with the website and therefore it can persuade the reader to buy or involve.


Online advertisement campaigns

Regarding ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT, there are two main advertisement techniques through online communication channels: social campaigns and CPC campaigns.

The social media is a continuously developed environment and brand are starting to focus on shaping a friendly brand, always close to the target audience, so that building a professional Facebook page is absolutely necessary. Our recommendation is that this page should merge multimedia elements and that the one administering it should know how to build a durable and effective strategy of online advertisement through Facebook Ads.

Regarding the CPC campaigns, Google Adwords is at the moment the most effective advertisement way in the online environment. Such a campaign on Google can assure you notoriety, maximum visibility and it can easily grow you sales over a short time.

Merging the two advertisement methods with an effective SEO strategy, you ensure the climbing on the Google positions as well as the success of your online business. We, the people behind Baboon, are waiting for you with details of these methods here and we can’t wait to rush to your aid with advice and professional web design and online advertisement services.


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