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Scris pe 9 March, 2017
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How do you choose a web design agency?

The online presence of a business is not such an easy job, because the presentation website of a business represents the business card of that brand. If the first impression of the visitor is a professional one, if the website generates trust and looks good, it attracts the consumer, and he will ultimately interact with the brand.

The web design agency

Taking these aspects into consideration, when you choose the web design agency that will handle your website, you must be very careful.

We thought we should highlight today a few important aspects you should consider when you want to start collaborating with a web design agency.


The first thing that interests every client is the PROFESSIONALISM of the agency through which he will get his project done. A client must know what work methods know the members of the team, what platforms they use, which are the tools used to realize the website and how much can they assure the functionality of the website in the negotiating terms with the client. A professional will have the necessary knowledge to start such a project and will have the experience to manage all the situations that will appear until the completion of the project.

Professionalism is, for example, one of the basic values promoted by Baboon.

The portfolio

We consider that the second important element is the PORTFOLIO. This is a proof for the experience and professionalism of the agency and demonstrates the knowledge of their field and their approach. Also, it has a high impact on the brand. The important names in the portfolio can represent guarantees of professionalism. Regarding the portfolio, Baboon highlighted a new way of presenting the projects they realized.  Beside the classic portfolio, Baboon offers a live DEMO section. The advantage in this case is that you can see exactly how your website could look like, depending on the niche you are positioned in.


The transparency and honesty of the team are, again, very important factors when you initiate collaboration with a web design agency. Any customer has the right to justify every penny paid to the web design agency and has the right to explanations if the project is delayed or if any other problem comes up. In order to be permanently informed and to have control over your project, Baboon, for example, launched the client portal. Here, every client has guaranteed access to the Baboon platform and can see the stage of his project or can ask for details regarding the collaboration with Baboon.


The timing and punctuality are another two very important elements when you interact with a web design agency. You must know how long the realization of the website is going to take and must be sure that the team will be punctual. It is not pleasant to pay a sum of money and wound up with unreturned calls and unanswered mails.

Price and quality

The price/quality relation is also an important element in the relationship you have with the web design company. The web design services are not the cheapest ones, but these are clearly justified through projects and through the experience proven, the price is a worthy one.


Together with all these, a very important aspect in this problem is represented by the relationship post production between agency and customer.

Any website, even if it’s perfectly realized, will need, in time, changes, updates and a maintenance period. So, the relationship between the customer and the agency shouldn’t be over when the project is finalized. No other web designer will assure better maintenance services than the one who realized the website. Is like when you try to raise a child you met for the first time. You will know nothing about his past and you will now know how to approach it.

Baboon focuses very much on this and that’s why the relationship between the client and the agency is our main mission.

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