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Scris pe 9 March, 2017
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Affiliated marketing: what is and how it works

Affiliated marketing is already fairly known in online promotion field, being a cheap and efficient way to increase sales. When you want to launch your business in the online environment and you choose an online store through which your products reach the customers, a natural and frequently met question occurs in this strong competitive environment: How can I sell more?

Affiliated marketing in online promotion

Based on this question developed true areas of activity and sales and online marketing specialists came to meet the online stores owners with all kinds of solutions. Some of these are applicable and efficient, some are not.

There are hundreds methods through which you can get your website to generate a higher conversion rate and have the sales increase significantly.

One of these is affiliated marketing (see picture in the right).

This is considered one of the most efficient methods to increase online sales, but is too little known and fructified in Romanian online environment.

What does Baboon wants?

So we want to make the subject a little clearer and discuss some introductory and applicable notions about affiliated marketing.

What is affiliated marketing?

Affiliated marketing is a paid promotion method, based on performance, in which the advertiser pays strictly for its customers actions, attracted on his website through an affiliated.

How does affiliated marketing work?

The process through which this marketing technique comes to life is one simple and quite easy to execute.

There are some affiliation platforms, which offer affiliated marketing to various advertisers and to people that want to supplement their earnings through affiliation. The biggest and well-known affiliation platforms in Romania are 2Parale and Profitshare.

The advertiser (the person that owns the online store and wants to sell) will practically create an account on the platform and present its products.

Affiliation platforms

The affiliate (the one in charge with promoting the products that will earn a commission) will create an account on the platform and present the sites which he owns or the promotion processes through which will show the products of the advertiser (Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, SEO & SEM, etc.)

The affiliation platform will offer the affiliate various promotion methods for the products of the advertiser (online banners, action buttons, newsletter form, etc.). The affiliate will choose the online stores he wants to promote. Then he will agree with the advertiser what percentage of sales he made possible he deserves. In other words, the affiliate will promote the products of an advertiser on his website or on his own Facebook page, and from the sales he made on these platforms, the advertiser gives a percentage to him.

This way, both the advertiser and the affiliate win in this process: the advertiser because his sales increase and profits and the affiliate because he can supplement his earnings. Also, the platforms that hosts the entire process wins, because it will offer an entire tool arsenal to make the work easier, and will analyze every transaction, so everything goes according to the standards. For all these, the affiliation platform charges a tax that can be the registration tax or can be a monthly tax.

What does affiliated marketing helps us with?



  • Increase of the sales
  • Creating a real data base with clients
  • Making clients loyal
  • Creating a strong community around the brand
  • Promotion paid strictly on the results
  • You manage the relationship with the affiliates entirely, the platform only offers technical support and hosting



  • More monthly income
  • Unlimited collaboration possibility
  • Opportunities to earn notoriety for your own brand
  • You can change the settings to any campaign, whenever you want, you have maximum control over what you want to promote, how you want to promote it and how much time you want to do it. You negotiate directly with the ADERTISER, the platform doesn’t come between you two
  • You start to know your target audience
  • Optimization support
  • Fast Traffic Monetization



Whether you are an advertiser or an affiliate, through this marketing method you have total control over the process and the results are the only elements that are charged. In other words, you pay or you are paid only for the generated results.

This makes affiliated marketing one of the most efficient promotion and sales increase techniques being a method based strictly on performance.

For more details on the subject you can contact us here.


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