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Scris pe 26 April, 2017
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The advantages of the online presence

Online is the future!

We live in such a strongly digitalized era nowadays, that information means power! And the online is the environment where we can share this information in the fastest and most effective way.

So, which are the advantages of a business being present in the online environment?



In 2015 more than 10 million Romanians were having Internet access.

Over 8 million Facebook accounts appeared as active and YouTube was already claiming more than one million channels visited by over seven million unique visitors.



At the moment, advertisement through the online environment is the cheapest. There are ways of online marketing which are extremely cheap and very effective, and besides all that, the online advertisement methods are the easiest to be measured in time.

Regarding the price level, Facebook Ads provides efficient ways of promoting an official page, website or simple post, with a budget starting at 44 Eurocents/day.

Also, Google AdWords is offering 45 Euro vouchers for advertisement.


As mentioned, in the case of the online advertisement methods we will always benefit from extremely precise and real-time updated reports.

In other words, the moment you advertise your business in the online environment, you will have statistics regarding the target audience and its segmentation, you will know what its area of focus is and its demographics, you will have access to graphs that will show you the provenance of the clicks on your page and how many clicks you have got after and during the advertisement campaign.

Also, you will even know what kind of people you’ve got these results from, you will be able to follow the conversions as well and you’ll also be able to follow the website’s hot-map. You’ll know exactly where and in what moment your website had most of the visits ever.


It is good for you to know that in the online environment you can segment the public without making a very advanced research beforehand, thus sparing you of some high expenses and of a long time granted to this research.

Why can you do this?

It’s simple! The online platforms have a much more advanced way of collecting databases, so that they are able, through information, to identify every determinant characteristic of a person the moment that person chooses to make an account on that respective platform.

You, as an online advertiser, can easily access the settings of the platform you wish to promote yourself on and you can select according to interests, age, area, activity etc. exactly the people you want, thus creating a very well segmented target audience in a very short time.


Online everything is automated. This represents one of the greatest advantages of being present in this virtual environment. You will be able to manage your business in a very simple way, by operating the databases of your clients through CRM (extremely developed software for customer relationship management) or you will be able to actively advertise in the online environment any message or important component of your business through certain online advertisement platforms.

Also, there are marketing processes’ automation platforms that allow you to manage extremely fast and efficient your online business, to grow productivity and ensure the profit.


There is a simple rule that governs over the online: there is no such thing as CONTROL!

What you will be posting on the online environment might go viral in a matter of seconds, minutes or never. You will never have full control over the content you post. The moment you post you must be aware that in the virtual environment there is the following mechanism:

Posting                        >                       Sharing                              >                       Re-Sharing

This is the cycle every element posted in the online follows. Depending on how creative the post has been made/ created, it can become viral in a very short time and assure your visibility.


If you’ve thought of launching yourself with a business in the online environment, you have to know that here you can get informed in the fastest way possible and that the information you have is unlimited. The Online Environment has slowly become a feasible source of information.

According to the statistics, over 75% of the youth aged 14 to 25 years old check the news on social media channels, so that the online environment becomes a trustworthy environment and a validated source of information for the customers.


You can access the information of the online environment from almost any place on earth. You will always have access to useful information and resources, new information, research and case studies, reports regarding your customers or your competition etc.

Also, you have to remember one thing: your customers have access to this information as fast as you do, so that if you position yourself professionally in the online environment and your website will be a professional business card as well, there’s a great chance for you to be picked by as many customers as possible.


Convenience can be perceived in terms of various elements, but we think that the most important is the financial factor. The existence of an online shop does not imply necessary expenses with the headquarters, fittings and employees on the sales advisor post.

The entire activity will be developed online, not being necessary for you to even have stocks of goods at the beginning as you can order everything from the distributors in the shortest time.

Another factor that determines comfort and convenience is represented by access. As we were saying, the customers can access information from everywhere, so that they can order the products from the leisure of their home, they can further share the web page of your online shop, thus your business will immediately grow and flourish.



As we like to surprise our readers every time, Baboon has proposed himself to give out the 10th advantage, personalized, from each and every one of you.

The 10th advantage of the internet is that YOU CAN ALWAYS LEARN NEW THINGS. So, contact us and let’s talk together to find an effective way to make you present online, so you can enjoy the wonderful advantages of the internet as well.

We always find solutions, together!


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