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Welcome into the Online Jungle!

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Baboon brings together a professional web design team, here to make sure you get the most efficient online solutions for your business.
Also, we guarantee the prosperous development of your business in the most productive way possible, by offering related services of maximum quality.
With Baboon you can take a leap in the online marketing and promotion world, but you can, at the same time, continue to be serious with an efficient market research.

About Us

We can find the perfect spot for you in the online jungle and give your business personality through a full responsive site, with attractive design, perfectly adapted to the contemporary requirements of the online environment.

About us… We offer web design, optimization and online marketing solutions for your business and we guarantee, through analysis and planning techniques, strategies that are perfectly compatible with your business and with the environment in which you want to develop.

We offer creative and personalized solutions, Baboon’s vision being adaptable depending on your wishes and expectations. That’s how we make sure your website is visible on the market and as a business it will be positioned in the top choices of customers.

Even though we are a web design company, we also offer related services to guarantee meeting all the needs for every client. Our specialized team is is able to create visibility in the online environment and to bring notoriety to your business. Also, we offer market research with the help of specialists from the marketing and research department.


Baboon knows what respect is and wants to be professional with every client, in order to win as many clients as possible. Maintaining a good relationship, with mutual benefits, and productive between our firm and client is our primary mission, and that’s how we build a solid community around the Baboon brand.

Our vision is a free market where every client is allowed to make his own choices and every client is aware of the fact that the choice will determine his success or failure of his business. That’s why we say that through us you can make a difference. We represent a team focused on professionalism, seriousness and transparency. In a jungle where the online takes over more and more field, being different through a well-structured website, which is compatible with new trends represents the key of success. Baboon is here to offer you the perfect solution! This is what we can say about us…

Baboon – the solution for a better website!