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Scris pe 1 May, 2017
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5 Digital Marketing Trends

Online Automation

Over the last decades, it has been noticed more and more the tendency to automatize any activity, the prerequisite being the safety that automation means efficiency. Thus, the entire web design field and the entire IT market have started to favor the digitization of the marketing and production processes.

Like this, we got to focus so much on the continuous development of the business techniques and the making of an advertisement campaign for the business we have created. In this context, Baboon decided to present you the newest 5 trends in digital marketing.


  1. Using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

The entire development and management of a business start to be based on advanced CRM systems. These personalized platforms offer you a huge capacity of client management and most of the times they have available modules of automated marketing, which will ease the communication activity between the client and the company.

More details regarding this exact matter can be found in an article Baboon has exclusively dedicated for it. The article can be found here.

  1. You’re not online, you don’t exist!

In the last years, the online has seized every developing market, and businesses have begun focusing more and more on professional online presence. The presentation website is your business card, and a profitable business finds its perfect spot on an e-commerce platform. More details about the advantages of the online presence can be found here.

  1. Performance-based marketing and personalized advertisement solutions

In a strongly developed business environment, competition is one element that can have a serious effect over your business but at the same time, it can be an element to use and gain a professional position on the market, against your opponents. In this context, customization is the only solution for you to pierce through the market. And since the products are the same, there is but one solution: customizing the way these products are presented to the consumer. This thing can be found in every advertising campaign nowadays. This way, every advertising specialist sets himself achievable goals, builds and launches customized messages and bases his every campaign on measurable, real result by fully using the performance-based marketing techniques.

  1. Online favors live interactions

Social Media becomes an environment where the growing number of brands meets their customers and communicates with them through absolutely revolutionary ways. At this moment, when online has reached a penetration share of over 90%, it is clear that this environment is the future of every business.

How can you adapt your business to the continuous changes in the online environment?

As the online environment is constantly changing, there is only one key element we have to focus on regarding this matter, namely adaptability.

In order to face the challenges of the online environment and to be efficient, to have a productive business you must have a professional online presence, always adapted to the new. In other words, your online business card, the presentation website of your business must be completely functional on mobile, tablet and on every device your customers might be active on.

Over 75% of the information a brand communicates towards its consumers reaches the latter through the mobile device. This thing regulates the new trends of the online environment, and for it to be profitable, your business must adapt continuously to this trends.

  1. Content is EVERYTHING!

The strategically crafted content used to present your business in an attractive and offering way towards possible customers is another extremely important trend in digital marketing.

When you own a website, besidess the graphic part you also have text on it, text that represents the most important way of communication between you and your customers. That is why is must be professionally crafted, not only according to language rules but also according to SEO optimization rules. The content will have to be optimized, adapted and updated continuously for your business to experience success, because this represents the message you are sending your customers and also one of the most dominant elements that influence the customer’s buying decision.

Baboon is here to help you, through web design and professional online advertising services, so that you will respect these trends and assure yourself a leader position on the market when facing your online competitors.

Let’s be professional, together!


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