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Scris pe 11 March, 2017
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10 useful and frequently used WordPress modules


WordPress modules – Generalities

WordPress modules – they represent a „piece of software” that contains a set of functions that can be added or used on a WordPress website. These allow you to add new functions and features to your WordPress website.


  • They are written in PHP programming language
  • They help you add new features to the WordPress website, without needing to have programming skills
  • It can be installed or uninstalled easily on the website, because there is a Plugins section (in Administration Panel), where you can manually add the module (upload the module in form of .zip file), or you can search it/ find it at the Search section, where you can install i automatically, without needing to upload it.

There are thousands of WordPress modules, but the most common are the following:

  1. Contact Form 7 – a very useful module, which allows you the modeling or creation, as you prefer, of forms and adding them on the WordPress website. You can add it wherever you want, in your web page.
  2. Jetpack – the free mode that simplifies the administration of WordPress websites, offering you the possibility to monitor the sales statistics, security services, optimize the images and helps you get more viewers. It protects the site from the hackers’ attacks.
  3. WooCommerce – it offers you the possibility to sell products or any other things you want to sell online. It allows you to sell anywhere, anything, to modify the prices, to add offers, to transport the product anywhere you want, or to limit the transportation of the product on an area preferred by you.
  4. Loco Translate – allows to edit the PO files, used for localizing the WordPress modules and themes = translating any text contained by a theme or by a module.
  5. Duplicate Post – It allows cloning or duplicating of the posts and websites you manage. This is a very helpful and useful module, because it simplifies your work. (Ex: if you created two similar website pages, you clone one of the pages, and then you just change the url and name, *if you wish, you can change the content as well, and then you can publish it.)
  6. Social Media Widget – a sidebar piece, which allows users to add contact links to their social media accounts, through the representatives icons (ex: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). You can add different sizes and effects to these icons, which are beneficial for UX and UI. This is a very useful module, which attracts visitors to your website.
  7. Slider Revolution – it offers you new features to the slider you will create for your WordPress website, which allows you to add a responsive slider with different useful functions on your website. It is easy to use, using a drag & drop visual editor, you will rapidly create an image and content presentation which will add more interest to the viewers.
  8. MailChimp – A WordPress module that allows you to add “Sign-up” methods on your website. This module is very useful because it allows you to add subscribers on the MailChimp List, by using various methods. You can create responsive forms, stylized as you like, or you can add direct link to the forms you already have on your website.
  9. Visual Composer Page Builder – it is a free module which allows, with the help of drag & drop, to create web pages, saving a lot of time and simplifying the page creation process. It has a responsive design, offers the possibility to add images, videos, parallax icons, etc.
  10. Sticky Menu (Or Anything!) on Scroll – this is a very useful module, because not all themes offer you the possibility to set fixing the menu. Obviously, with the help of this module you can fix any element of your web page through its id. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS would be very useful for the right utilization and understanding of this module.

Module Default

Akismet – verifies of the comments on your page are spams or not.

Hello Dolly – it is the first official module of WordPress. This is not a simple module, but it represents the famous words of Louis Armstrong. When you will activate it, you will see on your webpage the text “Hello Dolly”, in the right corner of the administration panel on each page.

It is important and useful the use of modules for your WordPress website, but it is not recommended to use a lot of modules (or small rating modules, because they will slow down the loading speed of the website and, implicitly, you will lose viewers.

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