10 responsive WordPress themes

10 responsive WordPress themes


You have an online business concept in the back of your mind but you don’t know what shape you should give it so that it would look as professional as possible?

10 responsive WordPress themes

Today we’ll present you 10 responsive themes, perfectly adaptable for a WordPress based professional website, a website that could easily represent your idea of online business.


Premium Themes

  1. OSHINE – 60$ (over 9000 sales on themeforest.net)

This theme shows elegance, which is perfect for a presentation website or for a service or product of the Premium range. It has an Import module developed and also an e-commerce module is present, so that it can be embellished with great ease on an online shop. Also, regarding the graphic element, the theme has 10 ways of header personalization available and diverse options for page customizing and transitive effects, but also for the text.


  1. SOLEDAD – 50$ (over 3500 sales on themeforest.net)

An extremely simple and attractive theme, considering the graphic element; it has available over 250 models for your website’s customization, but also over 250 demos for your website. It is the number one theme when it comes to sales for the year 2015, on blog and online shop’s category.


  1. SPECULAR – 60% (over 3500 sales on themeforest.net)

This is one of the most adaptable themes as it can be easily used to present a large range of products or services, because of the 24 demos it has available and the integrated Visual Composer system. This theme also has some absolutely remarkable slide effects, thus increasing your website’s interactivity.


  1. UNCODE – 60% (over 7500 sales on themeforest.net)

If you want to build yourself a website with a comfortable appearance and that will always offer the sensation of sense refreshing if you want every visitor to get startled the moment they enter your website, this is the ideal theme. Equipped with over 30 ways for you to express your creativity and incorporating a complex system for optimizing the images on mobile, tablets, PC and laptop, but also having available complex e-commerce modules, in only 6 months of being launched, this theme has reached top 30 regarding its sales, on creative themes category.


  1. AMAX – 50% (a rough 600 sales on themeforest.net)

This is one of the most optimized themes when it comes to fast Google indexing. It’s one of the responsive themes and all of its elements can be uploaded on the website through a single click, via Click to Import function. Also, the Social Media buttons are already theme integrated.


Free Themes

If you don’t want to invest lots of money in your website and want to keep your spending to a minimum, you can choose as template a free theme that can be found online.

You can choose any of the following:

  • SHAPELY – a very elegant and simplistic theme, with a parallax effect in the bottom, SEO adapted, with a portfolio section and many customizing options.


  • ILLDY – a theme based on design and development performance, characterized by simplicity, minimalism and speed.


  • ACTIVELLO – an excellent theme for a blog, a very fast one, without too many elements of design, without a slider layout option, perfect for classical approaches where optimization is the keyword.



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