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Scris pe 25 September, 2016
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10 reasons to learn programming


Until recent years, there has been a small request for programmers (IT-ists). Even so, at the moment things have changed and technology has advanced to the point where the majority of people own a smartphone. Presently, we live in a world where computers can be found everywhere and the majority of them are interconnected.

Computers are used everywhere around us, but many of the users don’t know the concept of programming.

Programming language – concept

A programming language is a well-defined set of valid expressions and rules (or techniques)   of formulating instructions for a computer. A programming language has defined a lot of syntactic rules. It gives the program the possibility to specify the action the computer must execute, in what order and the data used. The specification is practically drawing/ writing the necessary programs – programming.

A few reasons why you should learn programming:

1. Programming can teach you some life lessons

  • You will learn from your mistakes (when you written code)
  • You will learn team-work, learn to be communicative, not be afraid of mistakes but learn from them
  • You will always try to logically solve problems
  • It will make you analyze the errors and learn to solve them

2. Programming teaches you how to think logically and how to solve problems

  • You create the logic construction for solving the problem by yourself
  • You will always split the problem in many small parts, to solve them correctly until you finalize the problem
  • Steve Jobs used to say: “Everyone in this country must learn programming, because it actually teaches you how to think.”


3. Programming is like “writing and reading”

Programming wasn’t created only for professional programmers and for hackers. It is exactly as we would learn to read or write for several purposes in life, programming is important these days. You should learn more about utilizing your computer!

4. Programming can be a nice and interactive hobby

Programming is a knowledge hobby, how to code using your imagination and logical thinking, transposing all of these through computer.

Eg: creating a Blackjack vs. Al game


The computer plays a very important role in today’s society

Everyone nowadays is using social media sites, online shops, other write on blogs, solving all of their problems online. So every one of us is using in one way or another the computers, and there are some code lines that would simplify our work. So we should influence people to learn to utilize computers at full capacity.

Programming enhances your skills

Through programming the computer you will be able to better organize your time “to do things”, to work on a platform where you can expose your creative thoughts to solve problems and make yourself easier to be found on job markets.

It helps you to understand how websites function

Let’s say you still have limited programming knowledge and that you are not aware of the problems that could occur by utilizing a site (understanding the code from the page structure, to know where to look for the source, malware, viruses, hackers, etc.)

It is important to know some basic programming information, in order to easily solve the problems that occur and to keep away from potential viruses and hackers attacks.

It helps you to easier solve complex problems

It  widens your thinking

It helps you to think more efficiently and creates a way of thinking that can be beneficial in many more domains, not just IT.

Let’s get realistic; you will have a well-paid job.

According to the most recent studies, the programming jobs are among the best paid jobs, not only financially, but also when it comes to advantages offered by the employer.


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