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Scris pe 19 March, 2017
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10 handwriting fonts for a slider

   10 handwriting fonts for a slider

   The most modern sites and especially the ones which want a quality interface, but, at the same time, one which is friendly to the user, don’t even care about a slider’s absence. This graphic element has lately started to represent a real center of gravity of the site.

   This thing happens because a slider represents an incredibly easy element to be highlighted regarding the call to action section. A slider can “step forward” through its composed text, and regarding the text, a very important tool is the chosen font.

 How can we make a slider look more attractive through text?

The answer is very simple: We’ll use a text font which will attract very easily the visitor’s attention. The trends in this direction are very diverse, but the fonts which are more and more requested for the slider are the HANDWRITING fonts.

These are easily customizable, they’re attractive, can represent a genuine unique element regarding their making and customization according to each client’s requests, being, at the same time, designed for legibility and high adaptability.

So, today we’ll discover together with the Baboons team ten handwriting fonts which can be used for accomplishing an attractive slider. 


A font with over 150 perfectly customizable and adaptable characters for a font size according to every device on which it is displayed(even if the recommended standard size is 12 px).It can be easily used for creating a logo. It’s commonly met into fashion sites sliders.

Swash Stay High

A perfect font for the sites focused on animations, on caricaturial themes. Customizable and available in over 19 languages, the Swash Stay High font comes with an extremely attractive range of over 200 symbols.


An adaptable and very common in fashion, it can be successfully used at a size of 36 px, for elegant sliders and modern logos. This font’s range includes numbers, CapsLock Characters, punctuation marks and many more symbols.

Basic Instinct

This is not a commonly met font, but you can find it on music sites (rock bands) or even in combination with representative images for sites focused on art collections, freestyle or urban style.


The Beloved font is perfect for feminine sites, emphasizing the visual part: cosmetics, fashion, online clothing stores etc. It’s available in many various international languages and has a wide range of customizable symbols.


Tuha is a font from BOLD family which can be used with confidence at the size of 12px and can adapted according to any site’s quiddity, allowing the makeover of over 250 symbols available in its visual area. It’s widely met in packaging.

Black Heat

It’s a font which is perfect for the leather emphasis of classic, elegant and traditional sites. You can highlight, by using this font, an online store with leather accessories or an entertainment site. It’s an adaptable font and it also allows to modify and create some symbols, small or big numbers and characters, of various styles.


It’s confectioneries, pastries and culinary sites favorite font. To show off a recipe’s special ingredients, the Bobbie font offers over 500 symbols and totalizes 140 characters.

Holy Mountain

It’s perfect for a site with an interactive slider which wants to emphasize a playful, creative text, suitable for an events agency or a firm from the creative industry. This shade can be used at a size of 24x, letting the designer decide what handwriting form will choose for the final form, changing and adjusting various symbols: characters, numbers etc.


Selphia is a very appreciated slider font, being used for all cooking, recipes, restaurants sites sliders. It’s an elegant font, but, at the same time, playful and aesthetic.

If you want to try any of these fonts, you can appeal to the Baboons specialists to create a very beautiful slider, which will have the impact you desired, changing your simple visitors into curious people.

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