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Being present in the online environment will

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BABOON will position you on the map.



Do you want to be online, but don’t know
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Administration panel

Easy administration

Text changes

Images changes

Advanced features

Online is the future!

Baboon is always up to date with the latest trends, and aware that nowadays, if you aren’t online, you don’t exist!

Your business card

The first impression is everything

Baboon realizes this and that’s why it’s struggling to offer you a professional website which you can use to win every client, regardless of how the site is accessed.

What do you need to do?

Let Baboon decide! It will definitely find the most efficient solution to develop your business.

Are you interested in the Baboon services?

Do not hesitate to contact us for details, concerns and for a personalized offer.

We are ready to offer you full support to make a professional online business card that will help you to successfully promote your business.

Do you want to see how the baboon works?

If you are not sure yet, there’s no problem! Check out the live session and watch the on-going projects in which the professional Baboon Team is geared.

Also, go to the Demos page and see exactly how your online business card will look.

Research and analysis

It is very important to start the adventure in the online jungle with fixed data and based on an intensive marketing research.

There is a real jungle in the online environment, so, before we start a collaboration, we will carefully analyze your expectations and needs, and will try to know your clients as well as we can, so we can satisfy their desires.

We start this research phase to identify the most efficient development opportunities for your business. Contact us with confidence! Baboon is here for you.


We gather the relevant information


We start from your needs


We analyze the smallest details


We prepare the project


We make a successful website

Responsive Design

  • Adapted design for desktop, tablets and smartphones
  • Useful applications and features for visitors
  • Implementing solutions practically
  • Accessibility and simplicity


  • Optimized elements for a very fast navigation
  • Tools and modules that facilitates the index of the website
  • SEO On-page optimization


  • Intuitive administration panel
  • Training and support for utilizing it

Web Design and optimization

Creative design will assure an unique experience to the visitors, for the conversion rate to increase exponentially.

Baboon is a web design team from Cluj-Napoca (Romania) that will make sure your business will have a strategic position in the online jungle and that you will make a difference through a creative and full responsive website.

The optimization of the website will make it more accessible and will reduce the loading time; also, it will guarantee your clients easy navigation on the website.

Plus, we offer you an administration panel very simple to use, so you can administrate your website by yourself and to immediately adapt to the market changes.

But wait! This is not all.

Online marketing strategies

Baboon realizes that you cannot launch a business without a well-structured plan and hopes that you realize this too, and that’s why it offers you the most ingenious marketing solutions.

You cannot run a business and be guided by the law of jungle at the same time; we are here to listen to your problems, to find solutions together and to project them in online marketing campaigns that will launch your business.

Do you need presence in social media? Do you want to be the first one in search engines as well? Or do you want to make email marketing data base more effective? Or maybe you will be pleased with a GoogleAdwords campaign which will generate income and increase a possible customer niche.

Baboon is set up to help you grow. Through the creative vision and through the desire to always improve, the Baboon team will stand by you step by step in the online revolution.

Online Marketing Strategies

Do you want to see how your website will look?

Baboon Web Design offers you some website samples, so you can visualize how your website will look and which are the changes you have access to.


Travel Demo

There are so many places which every one of us wishes to visit…

Here you can see a demonstrative material with a travel website


Online Store

Before you sell the products in stock, sell your image in a professional way.

A perfect demo for your online store!


Restaurant Demo

Do you own a restaurant and you want to attract customers with an appropriate website?

Don’t wait any longer and make a change now! 


Furniture Business Demo

Do you own a furniture business? This Demo is perfect for you business.

Continue to furnish! Baboon will mobilize you!

The opinion of those who have worked with us in the past:

We strongly recommend the services offered by the Baboon Web Design!

We are very pleased with our website and of collaborating with them. During the project, the cooperation, professionalism, readiness and involvement of the Baboon team offered us a quality product.


We are very pleased with the services of the Baboon Web Design team, both with the final product and the professionalism they showed, I met open people, very receptive, who responded promptly and efficiently to our requests every time, during our entire collaboration, they came with their own ideas, but they also found solutions so that our ideas can be applied.

Roxana BadilaAnsett Logistics

Punctuality, seriousness and ingenuity.. I think these are the strengths of this web design company. An agency you can communicate with, and which is prepared to pay attention to the smallest detail.

I collaborated with the Baboon team in several projects and every time they succeeded to realize everything I asked for. Plus, they always came with improvement suggestions of the pages, suggestions that were useful and which always turned out be efficient.

Octavian AndronicKulinarium Bistro

From our experience so far, the most important attribute of a web design company is attention. Attention for details, attention for keeping a unitary concept and attention for small changes. Changes are inevitable in developing an idea and they challenge anyone’s patience because they are a combination between a client’s vision and the skill of those applying it.

It is very important that, in a project that can become the major income source, the contributors to realize the importance of it for you, and give you their time, attention and patience, and with mutual communication and empathy, any small idea can become real. These are just a few words designed to briefly show you what made us be satisfied customers, who had the luck to work with the Baboon team.

We wish them the best of luck and we hope to have more ideas to work on with them in the future.

Filimon MariusPeloro

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